Codenamed Bob

New to the city, Robert finds himself in a dangerous situation. With no friends or family with him, he must make an impossible decision: to trust or not to trust.

Codenamed Bob was shot in an apartment in the suburbs of Northridge, CA with a Sony HDR-CX160 and a 50mm Prime on a Canon T5i, accompanied by a monopod.
The BTS mainly showcases Guerilla (Run and Gun) style film making with a very limited crew moving quickly. It was brought to life using Adobe Creative Cloud for editing and grading.
The posters were made using GIMP 2.0


Directed, Shot & Edited by – Rakesh Naguri –

Written by – Rakesh Naguri and Sharan Adka –

Storyboards – Breanne Butters

Bob: Justin Axelrode
Sebastian: Vincent Sepe
Damien Deadman: Rico Bruce

Post Sound: Sravani Naguri
VFX & Animation: Sunny Naguri

Thomas Eleveld