“In Search of the Mystabeest” is now live!

Boomerang Studios' In Search of the Mystabeest, is now out! Go to https://t.co/4vEiXkiBf0 to watch the film.#MyRodeReel #InSearchoftheMystabeest#ShortFilm #BoomerangStudios #DreamCreate pic.twitter.com/7WLVqLxRJ0 — boomerang studios (@filmsboomerang) July 26, 2019 Go to boomerangstudios.net/insearchofthemystabeest…

New Project Announcement!

View this post on Instagram In Search of the Mystabeest • #InSearchoftheMystabeest #BoomerangStudios #DreamCreate A post shared by Boomerang Studios (@boomerangstudios) on Jun 30, 2019 at 11:43pm PDT
Asset1year v7

One year for Boomerang Studios’ The Asset

It has been a year since we released The Asset. Unfortunately we could not go into production of Aberration but we have “What was up with That Fight?” coming up…

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